Drop shipping Terms and conditions

Drop shipping 


Please read these terms carefully with understanding. If you would like anything elaborated to you, please feel free to contact us before taking part in this sale.



These terms only apply on *Drop shipping *.


 Note: The items listed on this category *Drop shipping * are not available in South Africa. Items will be shipped directly from China to your Home (address provided).

-Please note, items will be shipped to you in 14-60 days.

-Orders can only be cancelled 14-60 days after a sale has been completed.

-You will only be charged for local delivery. Happy Deals will provide duties/vat/import tax clearance   fees.

-Returns will be processed after 14-60 days.

Happy Deals guarantees that your order will be delivered within the specified duration stated.


Please read more of our terms and conditions here http://sub.happydeals.co.za/article/detail?id=20