Express deals terms

Express deals Terms and Conditions




Please read these terms and conditions carefully with understanding. If you would like anything elaborated to you, please feel free to contact us before taking part in this sale.


-You may be limited to purchase items dependent on the set rules for the promotion. 

(example:. 1/20 items per transacton).

-Orders will be processed once the listing (Express deals) is closed

-You may not cancel an order whilst promotion is in progress.

-Please check out within the set duration of promotion to secure stock.


 Note: In order to get items at discounted price all quantities listed need to be sold out, please share with your friends or family to also buy to get further discount.


 -The more you buy, the greater the discount.

 -The difference of discounted amount will be credited to your Happy Deals account and is not   refundable.

 -Credit may be used to purchase items on the website, except items listed in stores or items from merchants.

-No collections will be allowed for this promotion.



By clicking confirm, you fully agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this promotion.